Alayta Volcano - John Seach



12.88 N, 41.57 E
summit elevation 1501 m
shield volcano

Alayta Volcano is located in the Danakil depression south-west of Lake Afera (Giulietti). Extensive lava flows surround the volcano in all directions.

The volcano covers 2700 sq km. In the WNW the lava flows of Alayta volcano reach the escarpment of the Ethiopian plateau. The volcano has been built from lava flows from fissures. The main fissures are located NNW of the volcano. There are some faults on the eastern side of the volcano which run in a N-S direction and have produced some lava flows.

An eruption in 1907 produced lava flows on the eastern side of Alayta volcano The main tectonic trend is parallel to the Erta Ale Range..

Alayta Volcano Eruptions

1915, 1907