Apoyeque Volcano - John Seach



12.242 N, 86.342 W
summit elevation 518 m
Pyroclastic shield

Apoyeque volcano is located on Chiltepe Peninsula, in western Nicaragua. The volcano contains two calderas, and active fumaroles in Laguna Jiloa, and north caldera rim.

Apoyeque Caldera
12.242 N, 86.342 W
The steep-walled (2.8 km wide, 400 m deep) caldera contains a lake. The caldera is situated at the centre of Chiltepe Peninsula. The caldera rim and southern flanks are covered with a few metres deep layer of white pumice. In the east and north, the pumice is covered with several metres of white tuff.

Jiloa (XiloŠ) Caldera
12.221 N, 86.322 W
The caldera is located on the eastern flank of Chiltepe Peninsula. Laguna Jiloa occupies the caldera, which has been described as a low-rimmed explosion pit. The outer flanks of the caldera are covered with a 2 m deep layer of pumice, overlaid with white tuff.

Volcan Chiltepe
12.233 N, 86.296 W
This 228 m high (170 m above lake) high dome is located on the shore of Lake Managua, on the eastern side of Chiltepe Peninsula.

12.205°N 86.327°W
This dome (180 m) is located 600 m SSW of Laguna Jiloa. Satellite photos show a recent-looking 200 m long landslide on NNE flank.

Apoyeque Volcano Eruptions

50 BC ± 100 Apoyeque
1050 BC ± 100 Los Cedros Tephra
2550 BC ± 1000 West Chiltepe Peninsula
4160 BC ± 30 Laguna Jiloá (Xiloá)