Apoyo Volcano - John Seach



11.92 N, 86.03 W
summit elevation 468 m

Apoyo caldera is located 30 km southeast of Managua, Nicaragua. It lies along the NW-trending chain of Quaternary volcanoes
in western Nicaragua between Lakes Managua and Nicaragua.

The caldera has a diameter of 7.0 X 6.5 km with a depth of 600 m below the west rim.  Laguna de Apoyo is located in the caldera.

Las Sierras Formation
These are the oldest rocks at Apoyo volcano. They were erupted during the Pleistocene.

Caldera collapse
Eruptions 23,000 years ago produced airfalls, ash-flows and pyroclastic surges. The volume of ejected material was 11 cubic km.

A thin, widespread pyroclastic surge deposit was erupted from a vent within Masaya caldera between 2200 and 6800 yr ago.

1997 Seismic swarm
A seismic swarm occurred in June 1997 on the E flank of Laguna de Apoyo. The largest event was 3.7 with an intensity of IV. The earthquakes were felt at Granada, 10 km from the volcano. 

Apoyo Volcano Eruptions

more than 2200 years ago