Arshan Volcano - John Seach


Nei Mongol (Inner Mongolia) Autonomous Region,

47.50 N, 120.70 E
summit elevation unknown
Cinder cones

Arshan Volcano is located in eastern China, 70 km from the border with Mongolia. Arshan is a newly found volcanic active region in the Chinese continent.

The volcanoes are perfectly preserved and composed of cinder cones, pyroclastic sheets and lava flows There are more than 40 cinder cones are located in the group.

The most recent eruptions occurred at Yanshan cone (local relief 362 m), and Gaoshan crater (140 m deep). Basaltic lava flows are uncovered, and they change from pahoehoe in the early stage to aa in the later stage. Lava flowed northwest, blocking the Halahahe river and its branches and creating six lava-dam lakes.

Arshan Volcano Eruptions

2000-1900 years ago.