Zitácuaro-Valle de Bravo Volcano - John Seach



19.40 N, 100.25 W
summit elevation 3500 mn

Zitácuaro-Valle de Bravo Volcano is located in central Mexico, 80 km SW of Mexico City.

Las Tres Chicas caldera is 30 km wide. The volcano covers and area of 3700 sq km and contains 120 cinder cones, one shield volcano, seven lava domes, and two lava dome complexes.

Zitácuaro-Valle de Bravo is one of four monogenetic volcanic fields in the central sector of the Mexican Volcanic Belt. It is located at the southern front of the belt, where is covers the western flank of Nevado de Toluca volcano.

Zitácuaro-Valle de Bravo Volcano Eruptions

3050 BC ± 1000 years