Brothers Volcano - John Seach


New Zealand

35.875 S, 179.075 E
summit elevation -1350 m
Submarine volcano

Brothers volcano is located 337 km NE of White Island, New Zealand. The submarine volcano shows hydrothermal activity.

The volcano is nearly circular in shape, 7–9 km in diameter, and rises over 900
m to a minimum water depth of 1350 m at the caldera rim. Effusive lava flows occur on the northwestern flank forming radial patterns originating from near the caldera rim.

Summit Caldera
The summit caldera partially encircles a 1.5–2 km wide, 350 m high, central cone that partly coalesces with the inner, southeastern caldera wall. The caldera is 3–3.5 km in diameter. The caldera wall rises 350–450 m above the 1880–1890 m deep
caldera floor. The caldera walls have average slopes of 50–60 degrees, and show evidence of degradation, collapse and mass-wasting.

Brothers Volcano Eruptions

Hydrothermal activity.