Chichinautzin Volcano - John Seach



19.08 N, 99.13 W
summit elevation 3930 m
Volcanic field

The volcanic filed is located 36 km south of Mexico City. The volcano consists of cinder cones and shield volcanoes. A 13 km long lava flow reaches Mexico City. The volcanic field extends over a length of 90 km.

Sierra Chichinautzin Volcanic Field is located at the southern limit of the Mexico Basin, and is situated between two stratovolcanoes: Popocatepetl and Nevado de Toluca.

Eruptions at the volcano have produced pyroclastic deposits from Strombolian activity, although a few have characteristics of Surtseyan-type eruptions. The activity that produced lava cones may be transitional to Hawaiian-type eruptions.

The lengths of lava flows range from 1 to 21.5 km with thicknesses between 0.5 m and 300 m. Cone heights range from 10 to 315 m and diameters from 50 to 750 m.

The volcanic field contains Tlaloc, Tlacotenco, Cuauhtzin, Hijo del Cuauhtzin, Teuhtli, and Ocusacayo monogenetic volcanoes. There are also almost 200 cones which are both scoria and hydromagmatic. There are 10 lava domes in the field.

Chichinautzin Volcano Eruptions

400 AD ± 100 yr, 200 AD ± 100, 2240 BC ± 1000, 4250 BC ± 75 , 5840 BC ± 500, 7290 BC ± 1000, 7370 BC ± 300, 7930 BC ± 500.