Chirinkotan Volcano | John Seach


Kurile Islands, Russia

48.98 N, 153.48 E
summit elevation 724 m

The volcanic island of Chirinkotan lies west of the main chain of Kurile islands. The volcano contains a 1 km wide, 300-400 m deep caldera.

1986 Eruptions
In October and November 1986 eruptions were observed at the volcano. On 11th October ash emissions reach a height of 800 m above the crater, and drifted 8 km from the volcano.

1979-80 Eruptions
An eruption began from Chirinkotan volcano in April 1979. In April and May lava flowed down the SSW flank of the volcano. Eruptions of ash occurred until April 1980.

Chirinkotan Volcano Eruptions

1986, 1979-80, 1955?, 1900, 1884, 1760?