Cosigüina Volcano - John Seach



12.98 N, 87.57 W
summit elevation 859 m

Cosiguina Volcano is located in western Nicaragua. It forms a large peninsula extending into the Gulf of Fonseca. The summit cone of Cosiguina volcano contains a 2.4 x 2 km wide caldera, 500 m deep with a lake.

2002 Earthquake Swarm
An earthquake swarm occurred near the volcano in September 2002. This was the first seismic unrest at the volcano in 27 years. The largest earthquake magnitude 3.9 occurred on 9th September. The earthquakes were volcano-tectonic, caused by an intrusion of magma.

1951 Earthquakes
On 2nd august 1951 a series of strong earthquakes produced a 200 m long crack near Cosigüina that ejected large amounts of water, causing a flood.

1835 Eruption
The eruption of Cosigüina in 1835 was paroxysmal with ash falling on Mexico, Costa Rica and Jamaica. The eruption was heard in Jamaica and Colombia. The sun was blacked out for a radius of more than 150 km. The lapilli sized scoria fell 35 km from the volcano. Volume of ejected material was less than 10 cubic km.

Cosigüina Volcano Eruptions

1859, 1852, 1835, 1809, 1709?, 1609?