Las Cumbres Volcano | John Seach



19.15 N, 97.27 W
summit elevation 3940 m

Las Cumbres volcano is located in Puebla state, of central east Mexico, 190 km SE of Mexico City. Las Cumbres volcano is located 13.5 km north of Pico de Orizaba volcano.

The volcano is situated in the Citlaltépetl–Cofre de Perote Volcanic Range which forms a 70-km long, nearly N–S trending chain that includes several large stratovolcanoes, minor cinder cones, and a few silicic domes. It is part of a N–S trend with the Cerro Deconocido–Las Cumbres–Citlaltépetl volcanoes.

A 4.5 km x 3.5 km caldera contains a lava dome in the centre. The morphology of the summit area suggests an origin related to an explosive caldera. This feature has also been interpreted as a horseshoe-shaped amphitheater formed by a catastrophic collapse and later filled in with a dacite lava dome that extends to a height above the breached rim.

There are explosion craters and lava domes located north and south of the volcano. The volcano has been eroded by glaciers.

Las Cumbres Volcano Eruptions

3920 BC