Curacoa Volcano | John Seach



15.62 S, 173.67 W
summit elevation  -33 m
submarine volcano

Curacoa underwater volcano is located 6.5 km SW of Curacoa Reef in northern Tonga.

2009 Earthquakes
In October a magnitude 8.1 earthquake and large aftershocks occurred NE of Curacoa volcano.

1979 Eruption
A submarine eruption was observed on 14th May 1979. Thick black ash emissions reached a height of 100 m aboce sea level.

1973 Eruption
In July 1973 an eruption was observed from a Fiji to Samoa flight. On 27th July a 13 km wide deposit of pumice was observed from a passing ship.

Curacoa Volcano Eruptions

1979, 1973.