Durango Volcano - John Seach



24.15 N, 104.45 W
summit elevation 2075 m
Cinder cones

Durango volcano is located in northern central Mexico. Durango volcanic field consists of about 100 cinder and lava cones.

The volcanic field has a sequence from hydromagmatic eruptions during formation of the maars, to strombolian eruptions, followed by post-maar lavas. This sequence reflects the declining influence of magma-groundwater interactions over time.

La Breña - El Jagüey Maar Complex
This is one of the youngest eruptive centers in the Durango Volcanic Field. It is a lava plain that covers 2100 sq km and includes about 100 cinder and lava cones. The volcanic complex consists of two intersecting maars - La Breña - El Jagüey, at least two pre-maar scoria cones and associated lavas.

The sequence of eruptions at La Brena - El Jaguey complex includes; pre-maar scoria
cones and lava flows, followed by hydromagmatic eruptions that formed El Jaguey Maar and then La Brena Maar, post-maar strombolian eruptions of La Brena, and most recently a complex series of lava and spatter eruptions on the floor of La Brena Maar.

Durango Volcano Eruptions

A few thousand years ago.