Falcon Island Volcano | John Seach




20.32 S, 175.42 W
summit elevation  -17 m
submarine volcano

Falcon volcano "New Land" is located in central Tonga.
The volcano occasionally forms a temporary island during eruptions. It alternates between shoal and island, and is easily eroded due to a lack of lava flows during eruptions. The volcano has produced the most spectacular eruptions in Tonga.

1970 Eruption
A submarine eruption was observed on 3rd January 1970. Discoloured water covered 500 acre area.

1885-86 Eruption
Falcon island volcano began erupting on 11th October 1885. The sky was clear and an earthquake was followed by lightning. a low rumbling noise was heard during the night. An island had formed by 14th October. Residents chartered a boat and approached the volcano on 18th October.

"...witnessed a spectacle of such surpassing magnificence as men have seldom been permitted to view. An island of, I believe, not less than nine miles, superficial area was seen by us... on its shore a submarine volcano was belching out a fearful quantity of what I believe to be steam and salt water." Evening Post, Volume XXX, Issue 155, 30 December 1885.

Falcon Island Volcano Eruptions

1970, 1936, 1933, 1928, 1927, 1921, 1894, 1885-86, 1877, 1865?, 1781?