Fuerteventura Volcano | John Seach


Canary Islands, Spain

28.358 N, 14.02 W
summit elevation 529 m
Fissure vents

Fuerteventura is the oldest and largest island in the Canary archipelago, 100 km off the coast of Western Saraha.

The island consists of two structural elements; Basal Complex and the Subaerial Volcanic Series.

Basal Complex
The Basal Complex is a thick Late Cretaceous sedimentary sequence overlain by submarine volcanics. The sequence is intruded by dike swarms generated mainly during the stage of submarine growth of the island. The Basal Complex is exposed in
the western part of the island.

Subaerial Volcanic Series
The earliest and most important of the subaerial volcanic series is the Old Basalts Series. Three major volcanoes have formed during this series - Central, Northern and Southern.

Fuerteventura Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.