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 Geochemistry - John Seach

Geochemistry is the igneous, metamorphic, and hydrothermal processes that occur within the earth and
other planetary bodies and on the minerals, rocks, fluids, and ore deposits resulting from these processes.

The topics below indicate some areas of study in Geochemistry

  • Origin of the elements
  • The atmosphere
  • Crystal chemistry
  • Solid solutions
  • Weathering:
 Acid hydrolysis
 Reaction kinetics
 Solid products of weathering
  • Chemistry of continental waters
  • Radiogenic isotopes and geochronology:
 Law of radioactivity
 Geochronometry equation
 K-Ar method
 Ar-Ar method
 Rb-Sr method
 Sm-Nd method
 Re-Os method
 U, Th, Pb methods
 Cosmogenic nuclides
  • The oceans:
   Colloids and estuarine processes
   Major ion chemistry of seawater
   Elemental cycling
   Carbonate precipitation
   Hydrothermal processes
   Minor element behavior
  • Stable isotopes:
   Isotope fractionation isotopic geothermometry
   Hydrogen and oxygen isotopes
   Meteoric water
   Rayleigh distillation
   Ore deposit studies
   Isotopic geothermometry


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