Guguan Volcano | John Seach


Mariana Islands

17.32 N, 145.85 E
summit elevation 287 m

Guguan volcano is a 2.8 km wide island in the central Mariana Islands. The islands contains a caldera and a post caldera cone.

The island lies on the Mariana volcanic arc, 125 km above the Wadati-Benioff Zone. The Guguan cross-chain extends due west from Guguan and trend perpendicular to the magmatic front. The history of volcanism in the Guguan cross-chain is poorly known. Guguan erupted in 1882–1884 but there are no records of any submarine eruptions.

1882-84 Eruptions
The only historical eruption of Guguan occurred between 1882 and 1884 with lava flows that reached the coast.

Guguan Volcano Eruptions