Inielika Volcano | John Seach


Flores, Indonesia

8.73 S, 120.98 E
summit elevation 1559 m
complex volcano

Inielika Volcano is located in central Flores, Indonesia. The volcanic area covers 190 sq km. 

Inielika is part of a row of volcanoes on Flores which have produced andesitic lava and pyroclastic flows. Other volcanoes in the area include Inierie and Ebulobo.

2001 Eruption
An eruption occurred at Inielika volcano between 11-16 January 2001. Ash reached a height of 1 km above the volcano, and two new craters were formed. The SE crater was 50 m wide and 10 m deep. The NW crater was 20 m wide and 1 m deep. Ash fell 500 m from the crater.

1908 Eruption
A gas eruption occurred in 1908.

1905 Eruption
An phreatic explosion occurred in November 1905.

Inielika Volcano Eruptions

2001, 1908, 1905