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 Volcanic Intensity - John Seach

The intensity of a volcanic eruption is the mass eruption rate in kg/s.
Both intensity and magnitude are required to fully describe the size of a volcanic eruption.
The volcanic explosive index (VEI) is a non comprehensive scale used for ancient eruptions.

Intensity = log10 (mass eruption rate kg/s) + 3
The intensity scale is from 1 (lowest) to 12 (highest)

Examples of volcanic intensities
Laki 1783 (Iceland) 10.4
Nyiragongo 1977 (DR Congo) >10
Mauna Loa 1950 (Hawaii) 9.8
Sakurajima 1914 (Japan) 9.7
Hekla 1991 (Iceland) 9.6
Kilauea 1965 (Hawaii) 9
Augustine 1986 (Alaska) 5.1
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