Kick-'em-Jenny Volcano - John Seach


Granada, Caribbean

12.30 N, 61.63 W
summit elevation -160 m
submarine volcano

Kick-'em-Jenny Volcano is an active submarine volcano 8 km off the north coast of Grenada, Caribbean. Deep rumbling noises have sometimes been heard onshore during eruptions.

Explosive eruptions of Kick-'em-Jenny Volcano have broken the sea surface only three times historically in 1939,1974 and 1988.

An underwater survey of the volcano in 2003 found a second vent 3 km from the volcano.

2001 Eruptions
Earthquake swarms at Kick-'em-Jenny between 4-6 December 2001. Seismometers recorded T-phase signals, which indicated underwater explosions. The eruptions were small. Larger eruptions would pose a hazard to many boats which frequent the area.

1990 Eruptions
Eruptions occurred at Kick-'em-Jenny volcano between 26-27 March 1990. Seismometers recorded T-phase signals, which indicated underwater explosions.

1988 Eruptions
Seismographs in the eastern Caribbean recorded strong underwater acoustic signals 29-30 December 1988. The source of the earthquakes was identified as Kick-'em-Jenny volcano. Small vessels were advised to keep 5 km away from the volcano.

1977 Eruption
Strong acoustic signals (T-phase) indicated probable eruptions of Kick-'em-Jenny volcano on 14th January 1977.

Kick-'em-Jenny Volcano Eruptions

2001, 1990, 1988, 1977, 1972, 1966, 1965, 1953, 1943, 1939.