Jocotitlán Volcano - John Seach



19.724 N, 99.757 W
summit elevation 3900 mn

Jocotitlán Volcano is located, 60 km WNW of Mexico City, and 50 km N of of Toluca.

Cerro Jocotitlán is an isolated composite volcano located in the central part of the Trans Mexican Volcanic Belt, which is an E-W structure extending 1500 km from the Pacific coast to the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The volcano rises about 1300m above the floor of the northern Toluca Basin.

The morphology of Cerro Jocotitlfin is intermediate between that of a typical stratovolcano and a dome complex. The lower elevations have shallow dips and an overall concave-upward surface in contrast with the upper flanks which consist of a much steeper convex-upward profile.

A catastrophic collapse of the northeastern flanks of Cerro Jocotitlan led to the formation of a breached crater with a 90 deg sector opened to the NE. The avalanche deposit covers an area of 80 sq km, has a maximum runout distance of
12 km.

Jocotitlán Volcano Eruptions

1270 ± 75, 7740 BC ± 75