Kambalny Volcano | John Seach


Kambalnaya sopka

Kamchatka, Russia

51.30 N, 156.87 E
summit elevation 2156 m

Kambalny volcano is located in southern Kamchatka peninsula, Russia. It consists of two cones, the western one which collapsed 6000 years ago.

Kambalny volcano contains five Holocene cinder cones on the slopes. No fumaroles have been discovered at the volcano.

Three large sector collapses at Kambalny volcano had a total volume of 5-10 cubic km, which is the largest Holocene collapse in Kamchatka.

2017 Eruption
Kambalny volcano erupted on 25th March 2017. Satellite images showed a plume reaching 26,000 ft altitude.

Kambalny Volcano Eruptions

2017, ~1400, ~4000 BC