Keluo Volcano | John Seach



49.37 N, 125.92 E
summit elevation 670 m
Pyroclastic cones

Keluo volcano is located 310 km NNW of Daquiin, a city of 1 million people in NE China.

The volcanic group consists of 14 pyroclastic cones, the same number as Wudalianchi volcano, 60 km south. Keluo is located at intersections of regional NE- and NW-directed structural lineaments.

Pyroclastic cones include - Dangzishan, Heishan, Muhenanshan, Nanshan, Dayishan, and Gushan.

Ol-leucitites are found from three volcanoes in the Keluo field—Dangzishan, Heishan and Muhenanshan. Muhenanshan volcano is the only one known at which ol-leucitites and trachybasalts coexist.

Keluo Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.