Kueishantao Volcano | John Seach



24.85 N, 121.92 E
summit elevation 401 m

Kueishantao (Guishan Island) is an adnesitic Volcano located offshore from Ilan plain in NE Taiwan. Kueishantao is the last volcanic center at the southernmost end of the Okinawa Trough’s spreading axis. No basaltic rocks have been found on Kueishantao.

Kueishantao is located on a N-S-trending extensional structure. A seismic zone is present shallower than 15 km. There is a low-velocity zone directly beneath Kueishantao, which may define an area of magma. A strong continental signature in Kueishantao volcanic rocks was caused by crustal contamination.

1795 Eruption
The volcano possibly erupted in 1795 according to historical accounts from Qing Dynasty.

Kueishantao Volcano Eruptions