Leizhou Bandao Volcano | John Seach



20.83 N, 109.78 E
summit elevation  259 m
Volcanic field

Leizhou Bandao Volcano is located 480 km SW of Hong Kong on the Leizhou (Liuchow) Peninsula.

Yingfengling and Tianyang Cenozoic basaltic volcanoes, 15 km apart, are located in the center of the Leizhou Peninsula in South China. The tectonic setting includes lithospheric extension and recent thinning in the region.

Yingfengling volcano
The volcano consists of four layers of different basaltic volcanic rocks interbedded
with laterite. From bottom to top these are basaltic lava, fine pyroclastic rocks, basaltic tuff and breccia, and basaltic agglomerate. Eruption dates are 0.3 Ma.

Tianyang Volcano
The volcano probably erupted at the same time as Yingfengling, however,
the Tianyang basalt contains mainly peridotite xenoliths and a few smaller clinopyroxene megacrysts.

Leizhou Bandao Volcano Eruptions

300,000 years ago.