Leskov Volcano | John Seach


South Sandwich Islands

56.67 S, 28.13 W
summit elevation 190 m

Leskov Island is the smallest and westernmost of the South Sandwich Islands. It is located 56 km west of the main island chain.

The island is 900 m x 460 m in diameter and is ice-free.

Activity at Leskov Island
There have been no recorded historical eruptions at the volcano. Fumarolic activity is present at the summit ridge. A survey in 1964 showed steam emitting from crevices in the upper cliffs overlooking Crater Bay, and in one location on the northern flanks. Fumarole temperatures were 30-40 deg C, and there was a faint sulphurous smell. The lack of ice on the island results from its low elevation.

No penguins or seals are present on the island due to the lack of suitable beaches.

The only known population of Antarctic Prions lives on the island.

Leskov Volcano Eruptions

500,000 years ago.