Macauley Volcano - John Seach


Kermadec Islands, SW Pacific

30.20 S, 178.47 W
summit elevation 238 m

Macauley Island is the second largest in the Kermadec group. It measures 3 sq km is area, and is the exposed summit of a mostly submarine volcano. Volume of the volcano is 380 sq km at the 900 m depth.

Macauley island consists mostly of a rolling meadow, about 100 m above sea level. The land rises sharply northwards to the summit at Mt Haszard, 238 m altitude. Perpendicular Cliff lies west of the summit.

Young phreatic explosion craters are present in the south of the island. These are shallow saucer-shaped depressions up to 6 m in diameter. A major caldera collapse is evident in the north to northwest of the island.

A submarine eruption was reported 22 km NNE of Macauley Island on 1st December 1887.

Tsunami hazard
Eruptions of Macauley volcano pose a tsunami threat to north island of New Zealand.

Macauley Volcano Eruptions