La Malinche Volcano | John Seach



19.23 N, 98.03 W
summit elevation 4503 m

La Malinche volcano is located 110 km SE of Mexico City, in
the eastern central part of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt.

The volcano contains a several dacitic domes at the summit and lacks a summit crater. A small parasitic crater (Atitlan) is situated on La Malinche's western flank, and a larger and more eroded crater is located on the eastern flank, near the summit.

La Malinche is strongly eroded and last erupted about 3100 years ago. Partial sector collapse occurred at the volcano 21,000 years ago.

Eruptions at La Malinche Volcano
Eruptions at La Malinche volcano consist of plinian eruptions which last days to weeks, followed by longer intermittent episodes of pyroclastic flow activity caused by dome collapse.

La Malinche Volcano Eruptions

3100 years ago.