Volcanoes of Mars - John Seach

Volcanoes on Mars have erupted over a wide range of times in history. None are currently active. Two main volcanic regions on Mars are Tharsis and Elysium.

Olympus Mons
Alba Patera 
Albor Tholus 
Amphitirites Patera 
Apollinaris Patera 
Arsia Mons 
Ascareus Mons 
Biblis Patera 
Ceraunius Tholus

Elysium Mons 
Hadriaca Patera 
Hecates Tholus 
Jovis Tholus 
Meroe Patera 
Nili Patera 

Pavonis Mons 
Peneus Patera 
Tempe Fossae 
Tharsis Tholus 
Tyrrhena Patera 
Ulysses Patera 
Uranius Patera 
Uranius Tholus

Eruptions on Mars

The most recent eruptions on Mars were 25 million years ago.