Mendeleev Volcano | John Seach


Kunashir Islands, Kurile Islands, Russia

43.976 N, 145.736 E
summit elevation 887 m

Mendeleev volcano is located in the southern Kurile Islands, 40 km from Hokkiado in Northern Japan. The volcano a series of three nested calderas with sizes of 6x9 km (oldest caldera), 3x3.5 km, and 1x1 km (youngest caldera).

A large sub-aerial eruption occurred during the formation of the youngest 1x1 km
caldera. It was followed by the growth of extrusive dome 2550 ± 40 years ago. The
extrusive activity continued for several centuries.

Mendeleev volcano contains a shallow magma source at a depth of 4.5 km and a deep source at a depth of 30-60 km.

2000 Earthquakes
Swarms of earthquakes occurred at Mendeleev volcano in the summer of 2000. The earthquakes had a focal depth of less than 20 km.

1990 Activity
In 1990 the activity in the North-Western fumarolic field of Mendeleev volcano increased, and was accompanied by sulphur melting on the upper basic fumarole. A new thermal area formed and an increase of temperatures of other hot springs.

1987 Earthquake swarm
An earthquake swarm at a depth of 10 km occurred at Mendeleev volcano on 4-5 May 1987. In May, 1987 a small steam-gas emissions occurred in the North-Eastern fumarole field.

1984 Activity
In 1984 the temperature of the Revushchaya fumarole reached 130 deg C and produced a flow of molten sulphur.

1978 Activity
On 15th August 1978 the temperature of the Spokoiny fumarole in the North-Western field increased to 113 deg C and was accompanied by appearance of melted sulphur.

1977 Earthquake swarm
In February-April 1977 a swarm of more than 200 earthquakes occurred at Mendeleev volcano. The earthquakes were caused by drilling at Goryachy Plyazh geothermal field. In late August 1977 harmonic emissions of steam-and-gas plumes up to the height of 150-200 m occurred at North-Eastern fumarole field.

1946 Activity
In 1946 local settlers near Mendeleev heard a roar of hot gases and steams emitted by the volcano from the North-Eastern fumarolic field.

1901 Activity
Thunder was heard at the volcano in 1901, which indicated a possible explosion.

1880 Eruption
A weak phreatic eruption occurred at Mendeleev volcano in 1880 at the North-Eastern fumarolic field.

Mendeleev Volcano Eruptions

1901?, 1880, 2270 BC ± 50