Murphy Volcano - John Seach


Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica

75.33 S, 100.75 W.
summit elevation 2703 m
shield volcano

Murphy volcano is located in Antarctica, on the Pacific coast of the west Antarctic rift system. The volcano contains an atypical structure. It contains an assemblage of recycled marine microfossils derived from marine basins in the interior of West Antarctica.

Murphy volcano has a base diameter of 35 km, and a vertical relief of 2300 m. Its volume is estimated at 580 cubic km. The volcano is about 100 times the volume of the largest tabletop mountain in Iceland.

Eruptions of Murphy volcano
The shield building phase at Murphy volcano took plave 8.3 million years ago. Sechrist Peak tuff cone was erupted 900,000 years ago.

Murphy Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.