Cofre de Perote Volcano - John Seach



19.492 N, 97.15 W
summit elevation 4282 m
Shield volcano

Cofre de Perote is a large shield volcano located 12 km SE of Perote, a town with population of 32,000.

Citlaltépetl–Cofre de Perote Volcanic Range consists of numerous volcanic
centers along a 70 km long N–S trending chain that includes several large stratovolcanoes, minor cinder cones, and a few silicic domes. Cofre de Perote is the northernmost volcano in the chain.

Basaltic cinder cones are located on the NE flank, from which lava flows have traveled eastward to the major city of Xalapa (Jalapa).

Debris Avalanches
The summit of Cofre de Perote volcano contains a prominent set of scarps that may be linked to repetitive flank failures. Two large debris avalanches have been identified at the volcano - Xico avalanche, and Los Pescados avalanche. Both avalanches resulted from flank failures directed to the SE.

Xico avalanche
The avalanche occurred 10,000 years ago and was most likely caused by earthquake activity of heavy rainfall, not by an eruption. Deposits extend 20 km from the summit.

Los Pescados avalanche
The avalanche occurred 26,000 years ago. The deposit forms the lowermost channel-filling terrace deposit of Los Pescados River, and consists of mixture of boulders and coarse gravels.

Cofre de Perote Volcano Eruptions