Sierra la Primavera Volcano - John Seach



20.62 N, 103.52 W
summit elevation 2270 m

Sierra la Primavera Volcano is located in western Mexico, west of México's second-largest city, Guadalajara. Hot springs ans steam vents are present at the volcano.

The Rio Caliente ignimbrite is a compound ignimbrite formed during a major late Quaternary explosive rhyolitic eruption of La Primavera volcano. The eruption sequence of the ignimbrite is complex and occurred between lower and upper plinian
alr-fall deposits. Pumice flows were generated by the collapse of relatively low eruption columns.

In some cases frothing at the vent may have occurred rather than column collapse, such as occurred at Mt St Helens. These columnless pumice flows which form
ignirnbrites may be more common than are presently thought.

Sierra la Primavera Volcano Eruptions

30,000 years ago.