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 Puhimau Thermal Area - John Seach
Location: 1.0 mile along chain of craters road.

Puhimau Thermal Area

Steam and dead vegetation mark this thermal area. Puhimau Thermal Area is closed to the public due to the fragile nature of the ecosystem. Hydrothermal activity in 1936 altered soil conditions and destroyed the forest. The thermal area covers 12 hectares and is expanding eastwards across the chain of craters road. A geochemical study conducted in 1977 showed that there were high levels of mercury, helium, carbon dioxide, and various sulfur compounds rising from the ground. This indicated the proximity of magma. There is some speculation that a pit crater might be forming in the area. Ground cracks were found in 1977 but have not been present recently.

Puhimau Thermal Area - Kilauea Volcano
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