Comondú-La Purísima Volcano - John Seach


Baja California, Mexico

26.00 N, 111.92 W
summit elevation 780 m
Volcanic field

Comondú-La Purísima volcanic field is located in southern Baja California. The field extends over an area of almost 9000 sq km.

Volcanic activity of La Purısima area is related to the subduction of the Farallon and Guadalupe plates below Baja California.

Eruptions at Comondú-La Purísima Volcano
1) Normal to K-rich calc-alkaline lavas were erupted over 11 million years ago.
2) Magnesium andesites and tholeiites were erupted 10.6 to 8.8 million years ago.
3) Small volumes of magnesium andesites erupted in the central and southern parts of the volcanic field, in two eruptions 5.5 and 2.5 million years ago.
4) The most recent eruptions produced basaltic and magnesium andesitic fissural and central emissions. This formed strombolian cones and associated lava flows, mainly distributed within a NNW–SSE trending graben located SE of the town of La Purısima.

Comondú-La Purísima Volcano Eruptions

Eruptions during the past 11 million years.