San Salvador Volcano - John Seach



El Salvador

13.73 N, 89.28 W
summit elevation 1893 m

San Salvador volcano is located in the southern part of the main graben of El Salvador, on the northwestern edge of the capital San Salvador.

Boqueron volcano is a young stratovolcano, which forms part of San Salvador or Quezaltepeque volcanic center. Boqueron formed in a caldera produced by summit collapse of the ancestral volcano.

Boqueron contains a 500 m deep summit crater with a diameter of 1500 m. Boqueroncito is a 30 m high cinder cone which has formed on the floor of the crater.

1999 Seismicity
In August 1999 volcano-tectonic earthquakes were detected 5 km from the crater. A fumarole field at the volcano showed no change in activity.

1917 Eruption
An eruption of Boqueron began on 6th June 1917 and was preceded by a destructive earthquake. The eruption began with the opening of northwest-trending fissures on the north flank of the volcano. A a voluminous lava flow was erupted (0.01 cubic km). A lake in the crater began boiling on 10th June, and completely disappeared by 28th June. Ash and cinder eruptions began in the crater and continued until November, forming Boqueroncito.

San Salvador Volcano Eruptions

1917, 1806?, 1671, 1658, 1572 ± 2, 1200?, 640 AD ± 30.