Santa Ana Volcano - John Seach


El Salvador

13.85 N, 89.63 W
summit elevation 2365 m

Santa Ana volcano is located 30 miles west of San Salvador. It is El Salvador's highest volcano. The summit contains several crescentic craters, and a series of parasitic vents and cones have formed along a 20-km-long fissure system. San Marcelino cinder cone on the SE flank produced a lava flow in 1722 that traveled 13 km to the east.

2005 Eruption
Asudden eruption occurred at Santa Ana volcano at 0820 hr on 1st October 2005. Ash was emitted to a height of 14 km and fell in towns west of the volcano, including in Naranjos, Nahuizalco, Juayúa, Ahuachapán, and La Hachadura. Two people were killed by landslides in the town of Palo Campana, and thousands of residents near the volcano were evacuated. Storms on 12th October produced lahars which traveled towards Coatepeque.

Santa Ana Volcano Eruptions

2005, 1920, 1904, 1884, 1882?, 1880, 1879, 1878, 1874, 1734, 1722, 1621?, 1576, 1570?, 1524, 1521, 1520?