Sarigan Volcano - John Seach


Mariana Islands

16.708 N, 145.78 E
summit elevation 538 m

Sarigan volcano forms a 3-km-long, roughly triangular island in the central Mariana Islands. It contains a 750 m wide summit crater an a small ash cone.

The youngest eruptions produced two lava domes from vents near the south crater rim. Lava flows from the domes reached the coast and extended out to sea, forming irregular shorelines.

2010 Eruption
A submarine vent erupted 11 km south of Sarigan Island on 30th May 2010. An ash cloud reached a height of 8 miles. A large area of floating debris was observed south of Sarigan island, and discoloured water above the vent. A 0.5 m high tsunami was recorded at the island.

2005 Seismic Swarm
A swarm of volcano-tectonic earthquakes occurred at Sarigan volcano in June and August 2005.

Sarigan Volcano Eruptions