Sarychev Volcano - John Seach


Matua Island, Kurile Islands, Russia

48.09 N, 153.20 E
summit elevation 1496 m

Sarychev Peak is located on Matua Island in central Kurile Islands. The volcano is 6 km in diameter and forms the north-western part of Matua Island. A summit crater has a width of 250 m and a depth of 250 m.

Sarychev Peak is one of the most active volcanoes in the Kurile Islands, with eruptions reported since the 1700's.

2009 Eruption
Sarychev Peak Volcano erupted on 12th June 2009. Satellite images showed ash emissions extending 200 km to the south-west and 105 km to the south-east, and rising to a height of 34,000 ft above sea level. A cyclone in the Kurile Islands made observations of the eruption difficult. Sarychev is not monitored with ground-based instruments. On 14th June ash emissions reached a height of 40,000 ft above sea level. On 15th June Tokyo VAAC has estimated the cloud height up to 54,000 feet above sea level.

1989 Eruption
An eruption began at Sarychev Peak on Matua island on 14th January 1989. The eruption was preceded by a magnitude 6.2 earthquake nearby in Simushir Island region.

1986 Eruption
During an overflight of the volcano on 2nd November 1986, a lava flow extended 150 m south of the crater. Fumaroles were visible at the end of the flow.

1976 Eruption
Ash emissions occurred in September 1976 at Sarychev Peak.

1960 Eruption
A series of explosions destroyed the old lava plug. The ash plume extended 300 km to the north-north-east and reached the height of 2.5 km. The eruption terminated with lava outflows.

1954 Eruptions
Small ash emissions.

1946 Eruption
Avery great eruption, explosions with large bombs landing as far as 7 km from the crater and the height of ash emissions reaching more than 6 km.

1930 Eruption
Great explosive eruption lasting 13 hours.

1928 Eruption
An explosive eruption.

1878-1879 Eruption
A quiet lava flow.

1760 Eruption
A very great eruption reported.

Sarychev Volcano Eruptions

2009, 1989, 1986, 1976, 1965, 1960, 1954, 1946, 1932?, 1930, 1928, 1927, 1923, 1878, 1805, 1760