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Composite Volcano

Stratovolcanoes are the most common type of volcano. They account for 60% of all volcanoes.
These volcanoes typically have the steep conical form that most people associate with a volcano.

A stratovolcano consists of explosively erupted cinders and ash mixed with lava flows.
It forms from a central conduit. The upper part is usually very steep (35 degrees) and
contains loose rock. It may be almost impossible to climb safely on these steep slopes.

Loose ash and cinders can make progress extremely difficult with one step up and two
steps down marking the progress up the slope. There is also the danger of rockfall
in the unstable environment.

Examples of Stratovolcanoes
Mt Fuji (Japan), Stromboli (Italy), Mt St Helens (USA),
Mayon (Philippines), Merapi (Indonesia), Lopevi (Vanuatu)

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