Takahe Volcano - John Seach


Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica

76.28 S, 112.08 W
summit elevation 3460 m
Shield volcano

Takahe volcano is located in eastern Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica. It is a broad symmetrical undissected shield volcano, 30 km in diameter. Takahe volcano contains an 8 km diameter ice-filled summit caldera.

Takahe volcano is mostly snow covered except for 12 small outcrops. On the southwestern rim of the caldera there is exposed 60 m thick sequence of lava. Most of the products were erupted during dry magmatic eruption such as Strombolian activity.

Eruptions at Takahe volcano
The most recent eruptions at the volcano occurred at cinder cones on the upper southern slopes and tuff and cinder cones on lower SW and NE slopes. The volcano products at the base erupted subglacially. The exposed areas were erupted subaerially.

Takahe Volcano Eruptions

5550 BC