Talasea, Papua New Guinea - John Seach

Talasea is a village and volcanic region in central Willaumez Peninsula, New Britain, Papua New Guinea. The region is located at the boundary of the Solomon Sea and South Bismark tectonic plates.

The Benioff zone dips at an angle of 55-65 degrees beneath New Britain. Talasea is noted for obsidian, which has been used in trading for 8000 years, and found as far away as Fiji.

The Talasea peninsula is almost completely composed of volcanmic material. It consists of 11 volcanoes, a caldera, rhyolite extrusions and cinder cones. Bola volcano is the highest point on the Talasea pensinula at 1155 m.

Talasea Volcano Eruptions

The most recent eruption in the Talasea peninsula was at Garbuna volcano in 2005.

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