Taveuni Volcano - John Seach


(Mt Uluigalau) 

Taveuni Island, Fiji

16.82  S, 179.97  W
summit elevation 1241 m
Shield volcano

Taveuni is dotted with more than 150 volcanic craters.
There has been a minimum of 20 eruptions during the past 2200 years.
Each time an eruption occurs, it breaks out in a new place along a line of volcanic activity, then seals over again.

Eruption types at Taveuni volcano
Three types of eruption have been identified at Taveuni. Hawaiian, Strombolian, and hydrovolcanic.

1560 ±100 Eruptions
Eruptions of occurred near South Cape at Taveuni and produced lava flows.

Eruptions 290 BC-100 AD
The eruptions destroyed a village in southern Taveuni which was abandoned for 1000 years.

Taveuni Volcano Eruptions

1560 ±100, 290 BC-100 AD