Tengchong Volcano | John Seach


Southwest China

25.32 N, 98.47 E
summit elevation 2865 m
pyroclastic cones

Tengchong volcano is located 430 km WNW of Kunming, a city of 1.5 million people in southwest China. It is 40 km SE of Burma. The volcano is part of the SE Himalayan tectonic belt.

The activity at Tengchong volcano is related to the eastward subduction of the Burma microplate (at the northeastern side of the collision boundary of Indian and Eurasian plates).

Tengchong volcanic area belongs to Burma arc-shape seismic tectonic system of Himalayas strong seismic active zone.

There are three Holocene volcanoes, Dayingshan, Maanshan, and Heikongshan, among the 68 Quaternary volcanoes in the Tengchong volcanic province.

There are 58 hot springs, 24 having temperatures over 45 deg C, and three clusters of boiling springs. The Rehai geothermal field has had over 20 hydrothermal eruptions since 1993. The magma chamber at Tengchong volcano is 10 km long and
5–25 km deep. Volcano-seismic activity indicates instability of the magma chamber.

1639 Activity
Possible geyser activity was observed at Tengchong volcano in 1639.

1609 Eruption
Continuous earthquake activity accompanied an eruption in 1609.

Tengchong Volcano Eruptions