Tulun (Carteret) Islands - John Seach


(Kilinailau Islands)
North Solomons Province, Papua New Guinea

The Tulun Islands are located 70 km north of Buka.
There are six islands in a circular atoll. Waves break heavily on the eastern side of the islands.
All the islands are planted with coconut palms.

The inhabitants of Tulun Islands are to be relocated to Bougainville Island due to rising sea levels.

In 1995 a wave washed away coastline from Piul and Huene islands.
Han Islands was completely covered by a wave in 1995.

Iesala Island
Located in the north of atoll. Size 300 m x 230 m.

Iolasa Island
Located in NE of atoll. Size 550 m x 280 m.

Huene Island
Two closely spaced vegetated islands in NE of atoll.
Western island 200 m x 130 m. Eastern island 170 m x 80 m.

Han Island
Han is the largest island in the group. It is located in the east of the atoll.
Size 1.2 km x 900 m. The island is inhabited and contains a school.

Piul Island
Located in SE of atoll. Contains a medical post. Crescent shaped 1 km in length.

Iagain Island
Located in NW of atoll. Size 400 m wide.