Uzon Volcano - John Seach


Uzon Caldera and Valley of Geysers

Kamchatka, Russia

54.50 N, 159.97 E
summit elevation 1617 m

Uzon Volcano is located in eastern Kamchatka. The volcano contains the largest geothermal area in Kamchatka. Uzon and Geyzernaya calderas contain boiling springs, gas-steam jets, mudpots, small mud volcanoes, hot and cold lakes.

Uzon Caldera and Valley of Geysers are assocoated with the WNW trending Uzon-geyser volcano-tectonic depression.

Valley of Geysers
This is the second largest collection of geysers in the world. The 6 km long basin contains ninety geysers and many hot springs.

2007 Mudflow
On 3rd June 2007 a large mudflow affected two thirds of the Valley of Geysers. The mud-stone avalanche descended along Vodopadnyi Stream bed into Geiyzernaya
River. The debris avalanche stopped only in one meter from Visitors Center Building of Kronotskiy Reserve. The flow rate reached 30-40 km/hour. Several beautiful geysers were lost forever. A picturesque lake has been formed as a result of the avalanche. The dam lake is 2 km long and about 20 m deep.

2002-03 Inflation
Satellite data showed Uzon caldera inflated by 15 cm.

Velikan Geyser maintains stable activity cycling with an average time period 372 min (31 July 2007 - 6 July 2008), slightly exceeding time period before landslide - 339 min.
Bolshoy Geyser maintained activity with average time period 64-84 min during Sept 2007 - May 2008.

Uzon Volcano Eruptions

5700 BC ± 50 years